Rachel ProfileHello!  I’m Rachel Peachey.  Welcome to my website and blog that includes a smattering of everything from parenting adventures to educational philosophies and the little library I have helped begin.

Professionally, I dedicate myself to writing.  My specialty areas are education, parenting and coffee.  It seems like an interesting mix, I know, but here’s the back story:

Originally from Lancaster, PA, I’ve always been a curious and adventurous type.  I completed my university studies in International Development at the University of Guelph in Southern Ontario.  Then, after gallivanting around Central America, I found my way to Guatemala.  There, I began teaching ESL and completed a degree as a Lower Elementary Montessori Teacher through NAMC.  I taught at a bilingual Montessori school for nearly 4 years.  That explains my expertise in education.  Incidentally, I also met my husband here in Guatemala.  He is a coffee farmer.  That explains my coffee obsession.  And finally, for parenting, we now have 2 children, a boy, born in 2013 and a girl born in 2015.  I am enjoying the journey with all of its joys, challenges, struggles, and laughs.

If you’re looking for samples of my writing…

In addition to the blog on this website, I’ve developed a small list of some of my favorite work:

How to Follow Your Child – I’ve written quite a bit for this website, feel free to snoop around!

Montessori Method: Classroom Management Tips for All Teachers – I’ve also written a number of articles for this site.  Take a look!

Check out my published books on my Amazon author page.

The Joys & Challenges of Raising Bilingual Kids