Montessori for the Christian Home Freebie

I’m so excited to share a great resource with those of you who’ve read my book Montessori for the Christian Home. As promised in the book, here’s how you can get your free God’s creation nomenclature cards.


With these cards, your child will practice their language skills while also delving deeper into the creation story. Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

If you haven’t read the book, you’re still more than welcome to the freebie, although I do encourage you to head over to Amazon and pick up your copy 🙂 The information in the book will help give you a fuller understanding of how you can use the nomenclature cards.

How do you get them? Just sign up with your email above and I’ll send you an email with the details of how to gain access to the freebie. If you’d like to share this freebie with your friends, all I ask is that you send them to this blog page so that your friends can also sign up and gain access to the freebie. Thanks so much, and happy learning!

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