A FREE Snake Book for Kids and Snake Unit Ideas

snake book for kids

I’m preparing some more educational materials for Peanut since we haven’t placed him in preschool yet. Maybe in 2018…we’ll see. For now, home is the place to be for learning!

If you know Peanut, you know some of his favorite things are dinosaurs and snakes. Insects and other reptiles are also high on his list. So, I decided to come up with a snake study unit. In this unit we will use or do:

  • A snake book for kids
  • A mini study on the biggest snake in the world
  • A measuring project
  • Worksheets and coloring sheets
  • A snake counting activity
  • Snakes around the world with the continents
snake book for kids

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Ready to rock it?

A Snake Book for Kids

The first thing I did was make a simple snake book for kids. We have plenty of books with snakes in them, but no basic ones about snakes. So, rather than trying to find one here in Guatemala (sometimes tough!), I made one. You can grab it here:


The last page of the snake book includes  a writing prompt which I’ll help Peanut with. Then, we’ll take the time to answer the questions he has as we go. He’s also really good at coming up with stories, so maybe I’ll help him write his own storybook about snakes. Who knows? That’s the great part about following the child…you never know where they’ll take you!

Mini Study on the Biggest Snake in the World!

I compiled some information about the biggest snake ever measured:

The longest snake ever measured in the world is a reticulated python that was measured at 7.67 meters long (25 ft 2 in). These snakes usually measure between 3 and 6 meters. According to the Guiness World Records, her name is Medusa and she weighs 158.8 kg (350 lbs). She can eat up to a whole deer at once.

We’ll also be checking out this youtube video here:


Measuring Snakes Project

Get out the yarn because it’s time to measure the longest snake in the world! We’ll use a tape measure to cut yarn the same length as the longest snake in the world. Then, we’ll do some research and compare it to other snakes. Peanut is particularly fond of Timber Rattlesnakes, so I think we might have to compare the sizes of these.

I like to have Peanut help me with the research so he can see my process. We’ll use books we have at home and the internet. As he gets older, he’ll be more in charge of this.

Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Enchanted Learning has loads of nice, real-like coloring pages and anatomy diagrams. I’ll be printing some out so that Peanut can color them when he’d like to. These pages also have lots of great kid-friendly information for your budding zoology enthusiast.

A Snake Counting Activity

We have TONS of little plastic reptiles and snakes. We’ll be using some of these snakes to practice counting. I will use yogurt cups labeled 0-5 (still working on number recognition here!) for Peanut to place the correct amount of snakes in each cup. The snakes are fairly small, so it should work out fine.

Snakes Around the World

Finally, we’ll be combining our felt continent puzzle (it’s on my to-do list! I’ll post it when I’m done) with learning where in the world different snakes live. Peanut is fascinated by continents and geography already because he wants to know where Grandma and Grandpa are in comparison to us.

That’s about it for now! Look out for updates as we get started.

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