I’m an Author! Montessori At Home Guide: Self-Care For 2-6 Year Olds

Montessori self-care

The book’s been out for awhile, but I’ve finally gotten around to sharing it here! Sterling Productions approached me to write this ebook on self-care for 2-6-year olds and I was thrilled to accept the opportunity.

This is a short, basic guide to help parents show their children the way in learning self-care. Through self-care, independence is encouraged and children learn to take care of many basic tasks on their own. The lessons cover everything from hygiene and dressing to eating, safety and manners. The book is structured in a user-friendly way so that you can pinpoint exactly what you’re looking to teach and find some creative, helpful, Montessori inspired ideas for working with your little one.


Here are the details:

Title: Montessori at Home Guide: A Short Practical Model to Gently Guide Your 2 to 6-Year-Old Through Learning Self-Care

Format: The book is available in both kindle and hard copy format.

Where can I get it? Follow the link to get your copy of Montessori at Home Guide: A Short Practical Model to Gently Guide Your 2 to 6-Year-Old Through Learning Self-Care through Amazon.

Who should read this? New and seasoned parents who are interested in using the Montessori method and philosophy for teaching self-care to their young children should read this book.

Why should I read it? For fresh ideas and inspiration of what self-care lessons you might want to use with your child.

Montessori says…

“Any child who is self-sufficient, who can tie his shoes, dress or undress himself, reflects in his joy and sense of achievement the image of human dignity, which is derived from a sense of independence.”

I truly hope you enjoy the book and would love to hear your thoughts.

What self-care lessons are you currently working on with your little ones?

  • My little Peanut has been doing a lot of self-dressing for awhile now, but has recently mastered putting on shirts. He giggles when he struggles to pull the shirt over his head (he has a REALLY big head) and says “cabezón” which means “big head.”
  • Baby girl is also practicing dressing and is working on putting her shoes on.
  • Both enjoy combing their hair and looking in the mirror.
  • Both are practicing pouring a drink and helping with meal preparations. Little Peanut graduated to a sharp knife last night! He was so proud.

Now, you tell me what you’re kids are up to in the area of self-care.

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